Biohacking For Women

Biohacking for Women in 2019

Although we typically hear about biohacking as it relates to men, in 2019, women are pursuing this kind of lifestyle as well (duh). Biohacking is the practice of using food, lifestyle, and exercise, plus supplements, to enhance one’s natural and personal health. However, men and women contain drastically different hormones, which is why biohacking for men will not work for you as a woman.

We are going to look at the nuts and bolts of biohacking for women, and why you should start every day with a little bit of biohacking.

How Does One Biohack?

Although biohacking is an umbrella term, start by hacking your diet and paying more attention to your gut microbiome. Low bacterial diversity has been linked to everything from autoimmune disease to cancer and chronic bloating. Fiber helps your gut to stay balanced, and considering the average American falls short of about 10gm of recommended fiber intake per day, that’s an excellent place to focus on in the future. Processed foods are stripped of their natural fibers, which means doing some home cooking with lots of green leafy veggies, avocados, and starchy veggies is where it’s at.

Next, as you can imagine, sleeping more will help with everything. More than 60 million Americans live with some kind of sleeping disorder, preventing their bodies from undergoing necessary repairs and resetting in the night. This contributes to stress, and considering that women tend to be more stressed than men, creates a never-ending unhealthy cycle. When you are stressed, your body elevates cortisol which creates low energy crashes and lowered productivity. That can even contribute to depression, anxiety, and lethargic tendencies.

With proper diet and adequate sleep, it’s time to get moving. Too much fat on the body can act as an endocrine organ and increase the risk for inflammatory diseases, as well as insulin resistance. Again, it creates this never-ending cycle that seems too hard to get out of. Curating a workout regime that combines low level intensity and high level intensity bursts, like sprints, creates a fitness balance that your body craves. Not to mention, muscle tissue burns calories like no other!

Lastly, don’t forget the mental and social element, which is why connecting with other women on your biohacking journey is so important. We’re here for you to act as that community piece, helping you to feel supported while lowering your stress levels.

You don’t have to be a powerlifter willing to live on lettuce-wrapped sardines all week with one “cheat day” to biohack. Biohacking is just about using the latest science and practical guidance to improve how you feel every day.
– Adrienne Dowd, Health Coach

Who Can Biohack?

If you’re someone that lives with heavy periods, severe PMS, bloating, irritability, insomnia, low libido, infertility, and so forth, biohacking can help you. And if you’re someone just plain looking to revolutionize your mornings with more energy and positivity, biohacking is for you, too. It’s simply the optimization of your body’s health and happiness, from hormone balance, to muscle development.

So why biohack? Because you deserve to live your best life!