Pump & FlexIT (Strength, Flexibility, Interval Training)

When it comes to well-balanced fitness, simply doing the same cardio exercise or the same yoga poses every single day isn’t going to challenge and transform your body. Our bodies are made up of a cardiovascular system and hundreds of muscles that all need physical activity, which is why mixing up our routines is so important for maintaining optimal health and fitness.


Have You Heard of Zyia?

I signed up as a Zyia rep in December 2018 after seeing the gorgeous selection of activewear, learning about the company, and reading reviews. Now I get 25% off all my orders and I get the honor of being on Katie’s team! Katie is a mom of 3, wife, health and fitness coach, and the CEO of Harlan Coaching. And she was just promoted to Executive in Zyia, which is a huge accomplishment! She is a great leader and I love learning from her.