Have You Heard of Zyia?

I signed up as a Zyia rep in December 2018 after seeing the gorgeous selection of activewear, learning about the company, and reading reviews. Now I get 25% off all my orders and I get the honor of being on Katie’s team! Katie is a mom of 3, wife, health and fitness coach, and the CEO of Harlan Coaching. And she was just promoted to Executive in Zyia, which is a huge accomplishment! She is a great leader and I love learning from her.

Here is what Katie has to say about Zyia: 

Hi there! My name is Katie Harlan and I have been a Zyia rep since October 2017! I first heard of this business through a business networking community on Facebook and immediately thought of my best friend because of her great love of activewear! At the time I felt too busy with my online fitness coaching gig and business consulting to add anything else into the mix. But after my friend joined and told me how great the clothes were, I decided “why not??”

Initially I just planned to wear the clothes, enjoy the 25% discount, and share them with clients and friends when they asked. But I quickly saw a huge opportunity in front of me and decided to jump in with both feet.

Being a rep for this company is super simple: you wear and share the clothes with others, and you invite people to do the same! You earn money both from your personal sales and the sales of your team members. The more you develop your team, the more income you can earn. My very first check was $145 and my most recent check was $3200! There are many girls earning less than that and some girls earning more. But the thing that is so exciting is our company’s growth-we are growing SO FAST! We are even expanding to Canada this week in an effort to reach even more people!

High-quality boutique athleisure at half the price of LuluLemon, say what?!
– Me

So what about the clothes? Well, if you’ve ever tried LuluLemon or Athleta, Zyia is the same (or better!) in fit, feel, and quality as those big name brands. But our price tag is about ½ of theirs! There is no brick and mortar store, and Zyia pays next to nothing for advertising, so all sales go through the independent reps.

To join Zyia, you just need a starter kit. It comes with 5 basic pieces (in your size!), a $200 Zyia gift card, and $50 worth of business tools, like order forms and look books. Once you purchase your starter kit, you are up and running and can begin sharing your link with friends and family!

If you join this team, you will be part of an incredible group of strong, supportive, and positive women. They make my life better and are a huge part of why I love this business. Everyone can use more positivity and support in their lives!

Please reach out with any questions about this opportunity! I’m happy to answer any questions you have!



Interested in Zyia?

If you like what you’ve heard and you’d like to check out what Zyia has to offer, you can shop Zyia here. And you can join my VIP Zyia Group for exclusive discounts and new product announcements. If you’d like to join me and Katie’s team and get started building your business, earning, and getting 25% off orders, you can join Zyia here. Contact me anytime at or via Facebook Messenger with questions!